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Lia's AI destabilises the tech world

Lia wreaks havoc: the tech world pays the price The story of 13-year-old Lia recently hit the headlines. Her reckless and irresponsible behaviour caused havoc in the world of technology, resulting in considerable damage. The innocent discovery All a...

LK-99: Superconductivity revolution or just buzz?

LK-99: a revolution in superconductivity or just buzz? The discovery of a new material called LK-99 has recently attracted a lot of attention in the scientific community. Some claim that it could revolutionise the field of superconductivity, while others believe that it is merely a buzzword. In this article, we take a closer look at the...

Is Microsoft forcing users to leave Google?

Has Microsoft gone too far in forcing users to abandon Google? For some time now, Microsoft has been trying to convince users of its Internet Explorer browser to switch to its new browser, Edge. To achieve this goal, the company has taken steps to force users to abandon Google and switch to Edge.