Planet Hoster Reviews

Planet Hoster Reviews

The creation of sites is essential for anyone wishing to launch into the adventure of online activities or become a web activist. It is also necessary for any company wishing to increase its visibility. Nevertheless, let's note that the choice of a hosting platform has never been easy especially when you are a beginner in the creation of a website. Several criteria are to be taken into account to ensure a quality hosting with a web hosting company. PlanetHoster is one of the best web hosting platforms WordPress, WooCommerce and many others guaranteeing the storage of your sites' information in complete security.

What should I know about PlanetHoster?


Since its inception in 2007, PlanetHoster has had no trouble rising to the ranks of the most successful web hosting platforms today like LWS, Hostinger and the French host 02switch. This web host has more than 40,000 users who keep renewing their trust in this platform. This is due to the services offered by the latter. Indeed, PlanetHoster offers many advantages to its users. In addition to hosting websites, it also takes care of selling domain names and issuing SSL certificates.

PlanetHoster is one of the best web hosting companies that can guarantee the security of your sites' data as well as their backup. Also, note that the latter has a powerful IP network based in Quebec and France that can satisfy the demand of more than 40,000 customers. The other privilege that you will not fail to benefit with the services of this host is the automatic management of the servers on which your websites are installed. This allows the owner to be confident and to go on with other occupations.

Note that PlanetHoster holds several licenses in the exercise of its functions with institutions such as DNSBE, LDNS, ICANN and many others. This allows it to face the different litigations that may arise in its activities and to defend its clients in case of accusations.

What are the hosting offers on PlanetHoster?

The choice of a web host must necessarily take by a thorough analysis of the offers proposed by the latter. This is essential especially if you want to benefit from a quality hosting for your sites WordPress and WooCommerce and to know in advance if your budget allows you to cover these costs. PlanetHoster offers its users several web hosting packages. These are the following offers World lite, The World and Hydrid Cloud.

The World Lite offer


This is the free website hosting offer that PlanetHoster provides. Unlike other platforms that offer free services for a given period, the offer World Lite is unlimited at PlanetHoster. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of this offer without being disturbed by the small advertisements encouraging you to visit other websites, blogs or other platforms.

Also note that designing a website based on this offer is quite simple. The platform provides you with all the necessary tools like CMS. Nevertheless, since the use of this offer is completely free, it will not allow you to explore the full potential of your website. By opting for World Lite hosting, PlanetHoster offers you free of charge:

  • 750 MB of storage space on your disk: This space is essential to host your site. Because of its low capacity, your website will only have a small size;
  • one domain name, two sub-domains and unlimited parked domains ;
  • two e-mail accounts;
  • an SSL certificate;
  • a CMS/Scripts installer;
  • two databases.

Also note that World Lite offers you the privilege to choose where you would like to host your database between France and Canada. It also gives you access to the host's community forum. However, if the space offered by world lite is insufficient for the hosting of your site, you can opt for other superior offers, but which are not free.

The World or Shared Web Hosting

This is the second offer proposed by the platform to its users. Formerly called the Hybrid Multi Plan, the The World allows shared hosting of several sites, which is not the case with the World lite. The main advantage with this offer is that although the web hosting is shared, the accounts are all isolated from each other. You will have the privilege to choose your own datacenter whether it is in France or in Canada.

Note that thanks to this offer, you have the possibility to customize your site according to the use you would like to make of it while respecting certain standards. Indeed, this offer allows you to benefit from 8CPU; 16 GB RAM and 16 Mb/s I/O as resources. They can be used for the creation of a single website and the use of several accounts. The important thing is to respect the margin. The minimum margin imposed per account is 1CPU; 1 GB RAM and 1 Mb/s I/O and the maximum margin is 8CPU; 24 GB RAM and 24 Mb/s I/O. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy by opting for this offer:

  • you have unlimited disk space;
  • you benefit from a domain name and a lifetime extension ;
  • unlimited FTP accounts;
  • you will have unlimited bandwidth and traffic;
  • unlimited email accounts;
  • Sitebuilder included;
  • programming languages for your website (PHP, Python);
  • unlimited SSL certificates.

Hybrid Cloud

HybridCloud is the biggest offer proposed by PlanetHoster and of course the most expensive. It is more advantageous than the other two offers and will be indispensable if you have large-scale projects. This offer provides you with a server exclusively designed to host your website. It offers its users several features. Indeed, they have the possibility to configure the functioning of their servers as they wish. Note that with the offer Hybrid CloudWith this offer, the available resources can extend to 32 CPU cores, 256 GB RAM, and 16 TB of hard disk. Here are some of the tools you will have at your disposal when you opt for this offer:

  • PHP ;
  • MySQL/MariaDB ;
  • WAF protection;
  • KMV;
  • Python ;
  • Firewall ;
  • cPanel;
  • Control panel;
  • Email;
  • Apache, etc...

Note that for a dedicated server, a permanent monitoring is essential to avoid being victims of malicious attacks, breakdowns or any other factors that could cause the server to malfunction. PlanetHoster takes care of monitoring your server full time, day and night.

How does PlanetHoster perform?

After visiting the offerings of the web host, it is time for you to explore the performance of the web host. Nevertheless, PlanetHoster is one of the best performing web hosting companies that can exist especially in terms of the quality of services offered. The performance listed below is also based on some PlanetHoster users' opinion.

Network security

When it comes to security and network improvement, PlaneHoster uses powerful security software such as noction, Arbor, Cisco, etc. Indeed, these software are mainly used to protect the data of the host's users from malicious attacks and to ensure the optimal use of the server. The Noction software for example takes care of the management and routing of data through the network in order to improve the transmission system.

 One of the security software used by this host is Arbor. Arbor is one of the security software used by the host for the protection of its networks from potentially dangerous software. Thanks to its anti-DDOS system, it can quickly detect security holes in the network and solve the problem as soon as it is identified. Note that PlanetHoster does not hesitate to use the latest generation software to guarantee the performance of its network.

Website loading speed

You can't choose a web host without looking at its ability to load the hosted sites. Indeed, the loading time is very important, as it is a part of the optimization especially for those who do e-commerce. Note that many PlanetHoster users have not failed to give their opinions on the performance of the host in terms of speed. For many people, PlanetHoster offers a better user experience when it comes to website loading.

Site availability and server/network operation

The availability of sites should not be neglected if we want to judge the performance of a host. Indeed, for some hosts, we witness the availability or unavailability of the system at times. You can finish with these problems by opting for the use of PlanetHoster. Thanks to the latter, your website will be accessible at all times. In short, we guarantee that you will not be over your experience with this web host.

Also, remember that PlanetHoster has its own network and takes care of its management. Thus, PlanetHoster has a competent technical team capable of ensuring permanent maintenance of its servers. This guarantees the quality of its services. Note that this web host is affiliated with several internet providers which guarantees a stable operation of its websites that it hosts.

What are the advantages of PlanetHoster?

PlanetHoster offers many advantages to its users. In addition to the ease of use it offers, it accompanies its customers in the creation of websites and provides them with a customer support that can answer their concerns.

A simple use of PlaneHoster

No need for a guide to master the use of your web host. You will have all the information you are looking for in the blink of an eye with just a few clicks. This information can be related to your invoices, your hosting, your websites, etc. Indeed, note that the host offers you the possibility to install the number of sites you want. The interface of your host offers you an overview of the functioning of these sites and also allows you to manage them directly. In short, the use of this software is very practical.

PlanetHoster helps you create your website

You should know that even a beginner can create his website on PlanetHoster without having major worries. Indeed, the platform provides its users with a guide to facilitate the creation of a website. Moreover, the SiteBulder, which is completely free of charge, is a powerful tool that will help you to design the interface of your website.

PlanetHoster provides its users with a customer support

There are three possible alternatives to reach PlanetHoster customer support. You can contact them by phone support, by ticket, or use live chat. There is no reason why your complaints should not be satisfied as soon as they are submitted. Note that the phone line of this host is reachable at all times. Also, you don't need to understand English before communicating with the support! PlanetHoster provides a French-speaking team to talk to you.

The use of VPNs

To ensure optimal service, PlanetHoster allows the use of VPNs to connect to its servers with an IP address from France or Canada, for example, in order to bypass restrictions. This allows customers to exploit the full potential of its services by connecting directly to the servers. Indeed, the VPN allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and safely. Don't forget that the use of VPN is very compatible with PlanetHoster operating systems.

PlanetHoster offers you a reliable payment system

This host has a secure payment system. The main payment methods on this platform are PayPal and credit card payment. Also, you should know that this host generally offers 07 days trial to its customers. If during this period, the customer is not satisfied with the service offered by the host, he can always request a refund of his funds. Of course this will not happen, because you will not be on top of the services!

Take advantage of the price of accommodation

Compared to other hosting companies, PlanetHoster is the best one making a good quality/price ratio. Indeed, PlanetHoster offers you the World at 6euros TTC per month. Given all the advantages of this offer, this price is a real bargain not to be missed. The same goes for the Hybrid Cloud. The subscription cost for this offer is 49,99 euros VAT INCLUDED the month. This is the real titan of offers. What's the point of not dreaming of a good profit margin on investment after launching your project based on this offer?

Get a free domain name

Of course we do. PlanetHoster gives you a free domain name when you subscribe to one of its services. This domain name does not expire after a while, but will be yours forever. On this point, PlanetHoster stands out from other hosting companies.  

How is PlanetHoster used for WordPress and Woocomerce?

In addition to hosting websites, PlanetHoster allows you to install different types of software, including WordPress. This installation is simple and easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions provided by the hosting company to install your software. All this will be done in a few minutes. Also, Woocomerce being a plugin exclusively dedicated to dropshipping, it can easily be integrated with the WordPress software on PlanetHoster. This offers great advantages to the user, as PlanetHoster is a real asset for optimization beforehand due to its performance.

This is due to the speed of loading of the sites that this host provides. Indeed, because of the speed, many Internet users will not get tired of waiting for a long time before accessing the contents of your sites and will be able to easily pay for products in your stores. Also, there is a good chance that your site will be among the first results of search engines, because the speed of loading of a site is a pan for optimization.

Tools to increase the performance of your sites

Now that you know everything about PlanetHoster, its offers as well as its advantages, it won't be a bad idea to think about how to boost your sites Worpress and woocommerce. To do this, there are several tools that can help you increase the performance of your sites. First of all, you should choose to host your websites on servers LiteSpeed especially those equipped with the LS Cache.

Indeed, these types of web servers will allow you to multiply the loading speed of your sites 9 times faster than an Apache type server. Also, the choice of programming languages such as Python, PHP, Node.js are the most recommended to ensure you have a high-performance site. Don't hesitate to make use of the IP extensions features that PlanetHoster offers. Don't forget that the security of your websites Worpress and woocommerce is very important. Therefore, make sure that all your websites have an SSL certificate. Software World Panel and cPanel will be of great help in managing the interface of your websites.